Save the Scene

She couldn’t laugh,
so she painted a grin on her face.
Letters and photographs,
scatterplots littered her place.
You are no toreador!
You couldn’t mute me or keep me at bay.
But Spain in the summertime
sounds like a plan for the day.

Her parents just saw me as one thing
The Good Book forbade.
So she married a clergyman,
I counted gold by the bay.
I purchased a shuttlecraft.
She told me, “Siempre eres mi corazón!”
But Spain in the summertime’s
no fun to do on your own.

“I don’t see, why you can’t say with me,
We gain an hour or two
when we head to The States.”
“Because my love, my God doesn’t live for love,
Unless you see Him in this one specific way”

“It’s sad, I know,
But then what isn’t now, we’re old?”
“But you comb through time,
and your mind seems to work like mine,
The other option, dear, was wanting nothing more.”

If we turned our reactors to the sun,
Their plan would come undone,
The world would be reformed,
The legislation simply needs a push along.

We anticipate reactions to our points,
Before the guns are drawn,
That’s preemption of our own.
We’ll win their hearts by simply
being more informed.

We’re stuck in hotels,
Watching towel girls go by
I’m stumped by your words
You laughed as one caught my eye
(I’ve never been without my weaknesses).

The Patriot’s protecting all our sons,
Getting evildoers done,
Tony Danza’s on the run,
He and Mona made the list as fall begun.

Then Spring right into action, up at dawn,
We’ll see that winning can be fun,
We cannot rid them of their guns,
It’s through diplomacy that real change will come.

We’re stuck in hotels,
Watching cards pass us by,
We’ve worn out the deck
I took your Queen without trying
(‘War can be a game, you see??’)

We’re stuck in the West,
Watching cowgirls go by,
The night moseys in,
The Gallup’s not on your mind.

“I wish I believed that one man
makes meaningful change,
But it’s you that’s got me
stuck on this campaign.”

Toss it all out in a fit of staged beneficence
Friends are all calling, “There’s a girl
who’s lonely like you!”
A sweet au pair with irises of blue,
A TV stare inside her tennis shoes.

“I’ve got no money could you pay my way
to the matinee?”
“I’ve just been told there’s a hole
in the fence by the zoo.”
A daytime, summer, cinnapopping crew,
The crowd dispersed and all there were two.

As we both slept, the willow wept a tune,
The pavement came and took his friend last June.
I’d sleep outside in my good suit for you.

Ba ba bada, ba ba ba dah dum
Ba ba bada, ba ba ba dah dum

It seems so certain that my heart’s on track
for shutting down,
It’s strange, off-kilter beat’s a circle a on the floor.
The hippies all left before you’d reached the door,
Forgotten what they started playing for.

But I cardio 8 times a week or more,
Make shakes with fig leaves, flax, and apple core.
A heart has never shook like this before,
Turn cartwheels from the 27th floor.
A stunt to please the girl that I adore.

I knew you were mine
when I stood in your doorway again.
Doesn’t that figurine sum up our last five to ten?
An ivory elephant sauntering over to stream;
The ghost of us living in vessels that we’d never see.

I knew there were mines when I ran
through the minefield out back.
I called it my training for imminent future attacks
In love and in world events,
they’re not really different in size.
If 1/6,000,000,000 piece loses heart
there’s no world through his eyes.

And we say, “Ha hurrah! We’re on the axis too.”
Let’s get a “sis-boom-bah” for all the good we do.
Cheerleaders follow and fall into sitches
where they can’t get out.
Ba ba ba ba ba da dah can cover
such unsubtle shouts.

The fault lines were drawn
and we landed upon either side.
Their aim was to conquer
and draw artificial divides.
The oceans did fine but their vastness
just left us confused.
So we thought up new gods, told our kids
that there’s only One Truth.

We look to the hoi polloi when it’s change
that we desire.
Unhindered by homes or toys,
they’ve less to make them tired.
They may be dreamers or dreamy
but never know carefree.
A realistic form of idealism is gathering strength,
so it seems.

Your tongue has no resistance,
I could almost fall asleep.
You, fine spun, holy witness,
I think you’ve got it out for me.
You’re inhaling zoysia grasses,
hands full of earth and green,
Roots tied, connecting masses,
to grounds that you watch shrink beneath.

I read a disconcerting article concerning love.
The Doc wrote that “it’s need for longing
and not some gift from ancient gods.”
I clipped and folded neatly,
the pape it never left my pocks.
I took it to the mathematicians,
who plotted love within a box.

The X, the Z, the Y, do seasons never change for me?
My ails in contrast small.
The folding leaves, the lines that lie
beneath our window now,
They signal something new.

I’m only longing to long no more,
I’m tired of giving them all my money.
For new shoes, gas, and shit galore,
The endpoint, dear, is you.

It’s time to liberate all your norms,
And send them packing to Escondido.
This undisputed and swift reform,
Is made to topple you.

I wrote anachronistic things like me, in present day,
I spent a week or hours plodding
through the different ways.
Self-serving, sure it’s feeble,
there never was an “i” in friends,
It’s just too bad our Western leanings
will come at your and my expense.

“Don’t desert us, who will save our town!?”
You jump like a thousand blocks
to get to something
And nothing comes but colder, winter air.

I tried to know you in every way I could,
Approached you from every single mark and angle,
The strings the birds pulled tangled as they crossed.

“Captain, we’ve no time for reminiscing.
Science will not wait for modern love!”

Sleep inside your own terrarium,
Sleep inside your own terrarium,
You stay afoot you’re bound to wind up home!
Sleep inside your own terrarium.

The takeoff goes as smooth as when we land,
No warnings of oranger lights, or brighter whistles,
I hummed you tunes
and you would give them names.

They carried through the numbers up to Queens,
And stopped when they found the place
they felt like dying,
The last ten blocks spent crying over you.

Crashing nights until your time’s suspended,
Two-by-two they cheerily walk home.

Sleep inside your own terrarium,
Sleep inside your own terrarium,
You stay afloat, the town will wander home!
Sleep inside your own terrarium.

I’d hesitate to call you mine,
Property’s an ugly crime.
I’d sit still on seesaws if you’re inclined,
But you know I’d let you down.
I’d only let you down.

Without words, I waved goodbye,
I’ve no strategy for exiting.
I have no designs,
We can’t be what you don’t want to be.

I feel I’m losing ever faster,
Your lips, your love, your over-laughter,
Your time.
I fled the scene you’ve long awaited,
Us, vis-à-vis, unwed, unjaded,
By time.

I raced home,
To capture you in song.
But your will’s too strong,
I can’t write you into my life,
In my greatest work of fiction,
Is it true that we don’t work on paper?

I’d hesitate to call you mine,
You’ve given me no reason to.
I’d curse laws of physics and astral signs,
But they’re founded in beliefs,
Just what someone else perceives.

If we both drew straight lines,
They’d pass like cold pedestrians.
I have no designs,
We can’t be what you don’t want to be.

Another year, and she decided,
Another year, and she’d be biding her time,
A finite world is all she crafted,
A lip gloss ending everlasting., through time.

It’s anywhere you go. It’s anywhere you want to go.
The place that you’ll call home. Well, I’ll probably be there anyway.

I stayed home,
To end this awful song,
But your will’s too strong,
There’s been no clear denouement,
In this strange, continual fiction,
Could this be some classic novel plot line?